97% tea sold at Coonoor auctions regardless of file charge

97% tea sold at Coonoor auctions regardless of file charge

by admin- Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 07:46:42 AM

The rising trend witnessed within the prices on the auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association in recent weeks continued at Sale 29 with the average fee growing to all-time excessive stage of ₹137.Eleven a kg.

Still, about ninety seven per cent of the offer became offered due to increased call for from upcountry buyers, specifically in those States where lockdown has been cozy.

The Red Dust grade of the Coonoor-based totally offered leaf manufacturing facility Homedale Tea Industry, auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, crowned the whole auction while Pankaj and Devendra Trading Co, bought it for ₹291.

The Pekoe Dust grade of Homedale factory, auctioned by means of Global Tea Brokers, accompanied at ₹281.

These two grades fetched fees better than the teas from every other manufacturing unit, company or offered leaf.

Among other CTC teas, Shanthi Supreme were given ₹226, Pinewood Estate ₹223, Lakshmi Estate ₹222, Crosshill Estate Special, Kannavarai Estate and Vigneshwar Estate ₹221 each, Bellati Estate ₹202 and Palmera Estate ₹2 hundred.

Among Orthodox teas, Kodanad crowned at ₹251 followed by using Kilkotagiri ₹239, Kairbetta and Glendale ₹226 every, Devashola ₹214, Nonsuch orthodox and Lockhart Gold ₹211 each and Havukal ₹206.

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