Coonoor tea auction fees upward push

Coonoor tea auction fees upward push

by admin- Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 08:04:21 AM

But 30% teas really worth ₹ 5 crore remain unsold
For the second week, charges at the auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association showed a rising fashion. At Sale eleven, average charges rose to ₹ 123.Eighty four a kg from ₹ 122.Sixty seven.

However, customers have been hesitant to buy when costs had been growing and so, almost 30 according to cent of the teas really worth approximately ₹ 4.89 crore remained unsold.
Pinewood Estate’s Broken Orange Pekoe grade, auctioned through J Thomas and Co Pvt Ltd., topped the entire auctions when Belmont Tea Produce and Co offered it for ₹ 303 a kg. This become the handiest tea which surpassed ₹ 300/kg degree. The Broken Pekoe of Pinewood Estate, auctioned by using J Thomas and Co Pvt Ltd., accompanied at ₹ 289.

Among green teas, Pascoes Woodlands, auctioned via Paramount Tea Marketing Pvt Ltd., crowned at ₹ 285. Narikkal Estate’s inexperienced tea, auctioned via J Thomas and Co Pvt Ltd followed at ₹ 264.

Among CTC dusts, Crosshill Estate Special’s grades, auctioned via Global Tea Brokers, topped at ₹ 271 and ₹ 265, respectively.

Among different CTC teas, Kannavarai Estate got ₹ 227, Hittakkal Estate 216, Vigneshwar Estate ₹ 212, Homedale Premium ₹ 206, Deepika Supreme ₹ 205, Navilkal Estate ₹ 202, Shanthi Supreme ₹ 201, Bathma Excel, Riverside Estate and Waver Tree ₹ 200 every.

Among orthodox teas, Havukal were given ₹ 237, Kairbetta ₹ 234, Kodanad ₹ 231, Nonsuch Orthodox ₹ 228, Devashola ₹ 224, Mailoor ₹ 212 and Kil Kotagiri ₹ 206.

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