Dried end result production up 22 according to cent within the past decade

Dried end result production up 22 according to cent within the past decade

by admin- Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 08:21:53 AM

Covid pandemic boosts global call for for dried culmination and nuts

Dried fruit manufacturing expanded during the last decade, attaining 2.9 million tonnes in 2020-21, a 22 consistent with cent above 2011-12, in step with The Statistical Year Book 2020-21 added out by means of INC (International Nut & Dried Fruit).

Dried grape manufacturing (raisins, Sultana and currants) accounted for 42 per cent of worldwide manufacturing with total income accounting for 35 per cent. The ultimate 23 per cent become cut up into dried cranberries (seven according to cent) dried apricots (six per cent), prunes and figs (five in line with cent) each.

Dried fruit exports totalled about 2.8 million tonnes in 2019, increasing at a steady fee of about 130,000 tonnes in line with year. On average, the general intake has risen with the aid of 80,000 tonnes in step with 12 months.

J Rajmohan Pillai, Chairman, Beta Group, which owns the logo Nut King, mentioned that Covid-19 has boosted the worldwide call for for dried fruit via 12 in step with cent because of the tendency of the humans to spend on brief time period luxuries like high-priced meals.

India is a prime market for import of dried fruits and nuts, however the usa could not turn out to be an exporter due to excessive domestic intake.
Peanut output

China accounted for 37 in line with cent of the sector peanut manufacturing in 2020-21 at over forty seven.5 million tonnes, with India accounting for 14 consistent with cent. Nigeria (eight in line with cent), america (six in step with cent), Senegal and Argentina (3 in keeping with cent every) were the following main manufacturers.

Continuing the high quality fashion determined inside the beyond 10 years, peanut manufacturing has registered a seven in line with cent upward push all through 2020-21, says book.

INC Year Book — which affords a review of tree nut, peanut and dried fruit production along side change and intake facts over the past 10 years — confirmed that the global demand is expected at forty two million tonnes and has expanded at a mean rate of one million tonnes in keeping with 12 months between 2010 and 2019. Shelled peanut exports reached 2.Four million tonnes in 2019 and grew with the aid of a median annual charge of 136,000 tonnes over the past decade.

INC records evaluation also indicates that the full manufacturing of tea nuts (kernel foundation, besides pistachios in shell) has constantly risen within the ultimate decade, attaining over 5.3 million tonnes in 2020-21 up by using 65 per cent from 10 years ago. Last season’s largest vegetation have been almonds with 31 per cent of the word’s share, accompanied with the aid of walnuts and pistachios (19 in step with cent every), cashews (sixteen in keeping with cent) and hazelnuts (10 according to cent) respectively.
Tree nuts

Pecans, macadamias, Brazil nuts and pine nuts represented the ultimate 5 in keeping with cent.

Tree nut exports (shelled with exceptions of in-shell pistachios) additionally meditated a advantageous trajectory with a median growth of 103,000 million tonnes, hitting over 2.9 million tonnes in 2019. Global intake expected at 4.6 million tonnes, showed an average annual growing fashion of 181,000 million tonnes consistent with year.

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