Export call for places chana at the boil

Export call for places chana at the boil

by admin- Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 08:16:48 AM

Amidst subdued call for and buying aid from the millers, chana in Indore mandis has been ruling strong with chana (kanta) being quoted at ₹4,2 hundred-four,225 a quintal.

Chana dal additionally ruled flat on weak call for with chana dal (average) at ₹four,900-5,000, chana dal (medium) at ₹five,200-five,300, while chana dal (bold) ruled at ₹five,600-five,seven hundred a quintal, respectively.

Dollar chana, then again, edged better to ₹five,four hundred-five,800 a quintal on progressed buying. In box, dollar chana traded higher on stepped forward export call for with the 42/forty four be counted being quoted at ₹6,500 a quintal,forty four/forty six count number at ₹6,300, while 58/60 remember fetched ₹five,350 a quintal, respectively. Arrivals of dollar chana at the mandis in Indore these days stood at 2,000 baggage.

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