Festival call for lifts pulses

Festival call for lifts pulses

by admin- Thursday, October 17th, 2019 07:53:38 AM

The majority of pulse seeds dominated better on improved festival call for with tur (Maharashtra)quoted at ₹5,650-five,seven hundred, at the same time as tur (Madhya Pradesh) ruled at ₹four,seven-hundred-5,three hundred a quintal. Tur dal (sawa no.) quoted at ₹7,000-7,one hundred, tur dal (complete) at ₹7,2 hundred-7,three hundred, even as tur Marka was quoted at ₹7,800- 7,900.

Urad (bold) rose to ₹6,three hundred-6,seven-hundred, at the same time as urad (medium) ruled at ₹5,two hundred- five,500. Urad dal (medium)quoted at ₹7,000-7,one hundred, urad dal (formidable) at ₹7,two hundred- 7,300, even as urad Mongar dominated at ₹eight,seven-hundred-8,800 .

Moong (ambitious) ruled at ₹6,three hundred-6,500 a quintal, even as moong (medium) become quoted at ₹five,500-five,seven-hundred. Moong (new) then again, was quoted at ₹five,six hundred-5,seven-hundred, while moong medium (new) ruled at ₹three,000-4,500.

Moong dal dominated strong with moong dal (medium) quoted at ₹7,800-7,900 a quintal, moong dal (formidable) at ₹eight,000-8,a hundred, while moong mongar dominated at ₹eight,three hundred-8,400 a quintal respectively.

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