Govt cuts Natural Gas rate via over 12%

Govt cuts Natural Gas rate via over 12%

by admin- Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 08:25:11 PM

The government has revised the domestic herbal fuel price as per the New Domestic Gas policy, 2014. The revised charge could be widely wide-spread from 1st October 2019 till 31 st March 2020 i.E. H2-FY20.

The gasoline fee for locally produced fields has been revised to USD 3.23/mmBtu from USD three.Sixty nine/mmBtu resulting in a 12.5% lower and the ceiling rate for fuel to be constituted of hard fields has also fallen to USD eight.Forty three/mmBtu from USD 9.32/mmBtu ensuing in a 9.5% decrease.

Post H2-FY18 this has been the primary time gas fee has fallen while inside the case of gasoline made from difficult fields it’s the primary time fee has fallen post H1-FY18.

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