No plans to cap exports of sugar, says Centre

No plans to cap exports of sugar, says Centre

by admin- Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 07:29:46 AM

Keeping a tab on shipments to make sure adequate availability during off-season
The Indian Government has no plans to cap exports of sugar, though it will keep a tab at the quantity getting shipped to make certain enough amount is to be had all through the off season, legitimate assets stated on Friday.
The comments come at the heels of reports that the Centre plans to cap sugar exports at 80 lakh tonnes (lt).

“There is a segment which wants a cap (on sugar exports), in order that deals are finalised on the earliest which is good for the country,” an respectable, who did now not desire to be recognized, stated.
Crushing to cease
Sugarcane crushing across the us of a will probably forestall by using end of this month or early next month. This will bring about raw sugar production ending for the season, however white sugar can be to be had till the cease of the contemporary season on September 30.

Till now, exporters have signed deals to ship approximately 72 lakh tonnes of sugar – most of it inside the raw shape. Of this, 47 lakh tonnes were exported until February-end from October 1 -the start of the season.

Various estimates are being put out on potentialities of sugar exports with private millers apex frame Indian Sugar Mills Association estimating a clean high of seventy five lakh tonnes of shipments this season. Last season, exports have been a document 71 lakh tonnes.
Pick-up in call for
But with call for for Indian sugar picking up following the Russia-Ukraine war and crude oil fees hovering to near $a hundred and twenty-a-barrel levels, probabilities of exports topping 85 lt are visible vibrant. In the beyond 3 weeks, deals were signed to deliver out 15 lt.

However, assets say there’s not anything to worry approximately. Official assets said sowing of sugarcane for the next season has already all started. “Looking at that, there is no reason for fear warranting any policy degree to impose quantitative regulations,” the authentic said.
All India Sugar Traders Association President Praful Vithalani stated the Centre could must make certain that sugar shares have been 60-sixty five lt on October 1 this 12 months. “Apart from the need to have starting inventory of 60-65 lt, we have to offer for the consumption of 275-eighty lt,” he said, adding exports can be sorted in a manner to ensure this.

Availability and carryover
Official assets stated with a carryover inventory of 85 lt from the final season and sugar manufacturing estimate has now been raised to 340 lt, and the whole availability could be 425 lt.

Assuming that home intake can be 270 lakh tonnes and exports 80 lakh tonnes, the usa could nevertheless be left with 75 lakh tonnes of sugar, better than the tilt season requirement of 65 lakh tonnes. (See Table)

The lean season requirement is critical considering it’s far the festival duration. Sugarcane crushing starts handiest after October 15 and by the time sugar in the new season arrives within the promote it would at the least be November 1. Having such stocks handy will help temper any surge in fee in the course of the festival season and make certain customers are not affected.

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