Plea to fix tea green leaf fee at month-cease

Plea to fix tea green leaf fee at month-cease

by admin- Thursday, December 6th, 2018 07:30:16 AM

The Nilgiri Bought Leaf Tea Manufacturers’ Association (TNBLTMA) has reiterated its plea to the Tea Board to fix the fee of green leaf (raw fabric) on the give up of the month and no longer in the beginning.

“We entirely consider the Union Commerce Ministry and the Tea Board that the small growers want to be given a fee safety and so we absolutely help the fixation of a district common price for the inexperienced leaf supplied through them”, TNBLTMA President Ramesh Bhojarajan advised Business Line.

“But in doing so, our interests are ignored as we are not given a charge safety for the teas we manufacture with this inexperienced leaf”, he lamented.

“All that we were soliciting for is a mechanism of rate recuperation for the raw cloth fee we incur. This can take place when the Tea Board fixes the rate for the green leaf based on the price we get for our black tea on the auction worried”, he certain.

“Now, the Board is fixing up the inexperienced leaf price at the beginning of the month primarily based at the charge our black teas got on the public sale in the previous month. So, this does not help us to get better the fee of the raw material inside the month worried”, he explained.

“In impact, the Board should restore the price for the inexperienced on the end of the month based totally on the actual fee we were given for the black teas synthetic with this inexperienced leaf”, he observed.

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