Rapeseed meal export has set a new report of 16.71 lt during first nine months of 2022-23

Rapeseed meal export has set a new report of 16.71 lt during first nine months of 2022-23

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Rapeseed meal, soyameal increase oilmeals export throughout April-Dec
28.25 lakh tonnes shipped at some stage in the primary 9 months of the economic towards 17.Sixty seven lakh tonnes in 2021-22
Rapeseed meal export has set a new report of 16.71 lt during first nine months of 2022-23
An increase within the export of rapeseed meal and soyabean meal helped India file a 60 in line with cent growth in the export of oilmeals at some point of the primary 9 months of 2022-23.

According to the records to be had with Solvent Extractors’ Association (SEA) of India, the u . S . A . Exported 28.25 lakh tonnes (lt) of oilmeals durung April-December of 2022-23 in opposition to 17.67 lt in the corresponding period of 2021-22, recording a growth of 60 according to cent.

Export of oilmeals changed into provisionally pronounced at four.33 lt in the course of December 2022 while as compared to 1.70 lt in December 2021, an boom of 153.66 consistent with cent.

BV Mehta, Executive Director of SEA of India, stated the export of rapeseed meal has set a new record of 16.71 lt at some point of first 9 months of 2022-23, and broke the sooner record of 12.48 lt in 2011-12. India had exported 7.13 lt of rapeseed meal at some point of April-December of 2021-22.

Currently, India is the most aggressive provider of rapeseed meal to South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and other Far East countries at $255 a tonne (FOB India) while rapeseed meal (Hamburg ex-mill) is quoted at $405 a tonne, he stated.
The higher realisation from rapeseed (mustard) oil and export of rapeseed meal now not simplest supported home rate of mustard seed however also advocated larger sowing place below mustard crop all through modern-day rabi season, he said. The place below mustard became reported at about ninety seven lakh hectares (lh) at some stage in the present day rabi season whilst compared with 90 lh within the preceding season.

With the autumn within the fee of nearby soyabean to the extent of ₹5,650 a quintal, nearby soyabean meal rate also fell to ₹42,800 a tonne from ₹53,000 a tonne in June 2022. This has made the export of soyabean meal attractive, he stated.

India exported 4.47 lt of soyabean meal during April-December of 2022-23 towards 2.Sixty two lt inside the corresponding period of the previous economic, recording a boom of 70.Fifty four in keeping with cent.

With decrease than anticipated soyabean crop and crushing in Argentina, soyabean meal export is anticipated to boom from the alternative origins. The materials from the US, Brazil and India are probably to increase at higher charge, he stated. On January 13, Brazil soyabean meal charge (ex-Rotterdam) become quoted at $614 a tonne whilst Indian soyabean meal (ex-Kandla) was at $545 a tonne, he said.

South-East Asia is the main consumer of Indian soybean meal. India has a logistic gain here and also can supply in small masses, he stated.

Indian soyabean meal being non-GMO has a bonus, and being favored by certain European countries and the USA. The rupee depreciation is also pushing the overall export. This helped India to revive the export of soyabean meal in November and December. India shipped 2.Eighty five lt of soyabean meal all through November-December of 2022-23 in opposition to 86,211 tonnes in the corresponding duration of 2021-22.

S Korea most important importer
Mehta stated South Korea has emerged as the fundamental importer of oilmeals at some stage in the primary nine months of 2022-23. India exported 7.15 lt of oilmeals to South Korea during April-December of 2022-23 (while in comparison to four.65 lt within the corresponding duration of 2021-22). This blanketed four.Ninety three lt of rapeseed meal, 1.Ninety seven lt of castorseed meal, and 24,638 tonnes of soyabean meal.

This turned into followed by way of Vietnam. India exported 6.84 lt of oilmeals to Vietnam (four.22 lt). This included 2.Ninety three lt of ricebran extraction, 1.Ninety nine lt of rapeseed meal, 1.86 lt of soyabean meal and 4,500 tonnes of groundnut meal.

During the first 9 months of 2022-23, Thailand imported five.09 lt of oilmeals (1.Forty two lt) from India. This covered five.03 lt of rapeseed meal, 2,205 tonnes of soyabean meal, 337 tonnes of groundnut meal and 500 tonnes of rice bran extraction.

Bangladesh imported 2.Seventy seven lt of oilmeals (2.Seventy seven lt) from India at some stage in April-December of 2022-23. This included fifty three,913 tonnes of ricebran extractions, 2.12 lt of rapeseed meal, and 11,516 tonnes of soyabean meal.

Taiwan imported ninety four,327 tonnes of oilmeals (seventy four,685 tonnes) from India at some point of April-December of 2022-23. This blanketed 59,965 tonnes of castorseed meal, 25,479 tonnes of rapeseed meal, 6,463 tonnes of groundnut meal, and 2,420 tonnes of soyabean meal.

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