Sugar on a combined trend

Sugar on a combined trend

by admin- Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 07:46:48 AM

In the absence of any supportive measures for the sector and expected better production in the new season, big carryover shares stored sales persisted. Sentiment changed into vulnerable on eased call for sources stated.

Arrivals at Vashi were about 37-38 truckloads (Each of 10 tonnes) and nearby dispatches have been 34-35 truckloads. Optimism about the better competition demand and renewed demand from resort, eating places and canteens kept the tone strong at a close to parity of the minimal promoting fee ₹three,100 stage sources said.

On Monday evening, thirteen-14 mills provided tenders and bought about 27,000-28,000 baggage at ₹3,one hundred ten-3,170 (₹three,a hundred and ten-three,a hundred and eighty) for S-grade and ₹three,2 hundred-3,270 (₹3,2 hundred-three,280) for M-grade.

Bombay Sugar Merchants Association’s spot charges (₹/quintal): S-grade ₹3,260-three,332 (₹three,256-3,342) and M-grade ₹3,372-three,486 (₹3,370-3,492).

Naka shipping rates (₹/quintal): S-grade ₹three,210-three,260 (₹three,230-3,280) and M-grade ₹three,290-three,360 (₹three,310-three,380).

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