Tea expenses at Coonoor gathers steam on festival demand

Tea expenses at Coonoor gathers steam on festival demand

by admin- Tuesday, October 27th, 2020 07:23:51 AM

Two grades of CTC teas from small scale bought leaf factories excelled beating even the export-oriented orthodox teas from the company sector.

Homedale Estate’s Pekoe Dust grade, auctioned by way of Global Tea Brokers, topped the whole auctions whilst Vora Sons bought it for ₹ 316 a kg. This turned into the most effective tea, CTC or orthodox from any manufacturing unit, offered leaf or company to exceed the ₹300/kg mark.

Cross Hill Estate’s Special Pekoe Dust grade, auctioned with the aid of Global Tea Brokers, followed when Santhosh Tea Industries P Ltd sold it for ₹ 292 a kg.

“By distinctive feature of this, we’ve got exceeded our in advance report of ₹ 291 a kg established on August 14”, Cross Hill’s Director Dr Jagdeep Raju told BusinessLine.

“This has created a brand new fee report for us in our Platinum Jubilee 12 months because this is the best charge fetched with the aid of any of our teas in a ordinary public sale ever on account that manufacturing started in our manufacturing facility in 1945”, he stated.

In the CTC Leaf tea auctions, Homedale Estate’s Broken Orange Pekoe grade, auctioned by means of Global Tea Brokers, topped at ₹ 291 a kg.

Among different CTC Dust and Leaf teas, Darmona Estate were given ₹ 237, Pinewood Estate ₹ 227, Vigneshwar Estate ₹ 216, Shanthi Supreme ₹ 213, Deepika Supreme ₹ 212, Sharon Estate ₹ 211, Bellati Estate ₹ 207 and Hittakkal Estate ₹ 2 hundred.

Among orthodox teas, Kodanad, Glendale and Nonsuch Orthodox got ₹ 221 each, Devashola, Lockhart and Kil Kotagiri ₹ 220 every, Goldsland ₹ 216, Lockhart Gold ₹ 210 and Siruvani ₹ 201.

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