Two-month high volume on offer for Coonoor tea auction

Two-month high volume on offer for Coonoor tea auction

by admin- Thursday, September 30th, 2021 07:58:42 AM

As a whole lot as 4.72 lakh kg extra than the previous week
There is a sudden spurt within the quantity presented on the market no.39 of the auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association to be held on Thursday and Friday.

The volume on offer has risen to 22.84 lakh kg that is four.72 lakh kg extra than remaining week’s provide. It is the highest in the remaining months seeing that 23.Eighty four lakh kg changed into on provide on July 23.
This week’s offer includes some teas which remained unsold inside the preceding weeks.

Of the 22.84 lakh kg provided for this week’s auctions, as an awful lot as 21.Fifty eight lakh kg belongs to CTC range and most effective 1.26 lakh kg is of the orthodox range. The proportion of orthodox teas continues to be low in both leaf and dirt grades. In the leaf tea counter, best 80,000 kg belongs to orthodox even as 16.04 lakh kg belongs to CTC. Among the dirt tea, best 46,000 kg belongs to orthodox while five.Fifty four lakh kg is of the CTC class. In all, 16.Eighty four lakh kg belongs to leaf grade and 6 lakh kg, to dirt grade.
Homedale Estate’s CTC Pekoe dust grade, auctioned via Global Tea Auctioneers Pvt Ltd (GTAPL), topped the entire auctions closing week when Shah Traders bought it for ₹293 a kg. While two CTC dirt grades of Crosshill Estate Premium, auctioned via GTAPL, accompanied at ₹231 and ₹220, within the CTC Dust market, Crosshill Estate Premium, auctioned by using GTAPL, topped at ₹2 hundred. No other CTC grade may want to move ₹ 200/kg. Overall, teas really worth ₹four.03 crore remained unsold as there had been no takers for as a good deal as 24 consistent with cent of the extent on offer.

Quotations with the agents indicated ₹ 73-82 a kg for simple leaf grades and ₹134-149 for the nice grades. For undeniable dirt grades, they ranged from ₹seventy three-80 and for the nice grades from ₹146-192.

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