Blue Star launches its new range of deep freezers

Blue Star launches its new range of deep freezers

by admin- Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 04:53:20 PM

lue Star released its new, indigenously designed, range of deep freezers as well as has augmented its production footprint with its new world-elegance manufacturing facility at Wada.

New variety of deep freezers presenting optimum garage area and cooling

The new, indigenously designed and synthetic, variety of deep freezers, comes with temperature controls ranging between +2°C to -24°C.

New international-class production facility at Wada

The Company’s new production facility at Wada, motive-built to cater to the production of the Company’s Commercial Refrigeration merchandise and answers, particularly deep freezers and water coolers, is absolutely prepared with the today’s superior production systems, and imbibes worldwide high-quality practices in its operations.

Products and solutions throughout the whole bloodless price chain.

Inverter condensing devices for cold room packages.

Eco-pleasant technologies.

Manufacturing and R&D prowess.

Widely penetrated distribution and provider community.

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