Hindalco to deliver 1.2 mn MT of crimson mud to UltraTech

Hindalco to deliver 1.2 mn MT of crimson mud to UltraTech

by admin- Friday, August 21st, 2020 04:34:30 PM

Hindalco Industries has entered right into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with UltraTech Cement to deliver 1.2 million metric tonnes of purple dust (additionally called bauxite residue) annually to UltraTech’s 14 plants positioned throughout 7 states.

Hindalco is the world’s first agency to obtain a hundred% purple dust utilisation across 3 of its refineries.

Red mud generated in the alumina production process is rich in iron oxides, in conjunction with alumina, silica and alkali. The cement enterprise has evolved the functionality to process purple mud as a replacement for mined minerals including laterite and lithomarge in its manner.

Hindalco is supplying purple dust to UltraTech Cement vegetation where it has been proved to be an powerful substitute for mined substances, effectively replacing up to 3% of clinker uncooked blend extent. Use of crimson mud reduces the cement enterprise’s dependence on natural assets and promotes a circular economic system.

Hindalco’s alumina refineries are currently presenting 250,000 metric tonnes of bauxite residue to cement organizations every month, making Hindalco the arena’s first organization to have enabled such large scale commercial application of bauxite residue.

In the modern-day yr, Hindalco pursuits to obtain 2.Five million metric tonnes of bauxite residue utilisation, in an effort to be every other global milestone.

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